What to Look For When Buying Healthy Baby Formula

all natural ingredients

For some parents, it can be difficult to choose the right formula for their babies. It’s not enough to look at the brand, color or price. You have to figure out what it is made of and what the ingredients are, too. Luckily, you don’t have to look very far to find healthy baby formula. Unlike with formula from the store, these products are made with all natural ingredients and no additives.

The only thing you have to look at closely is the protein in the casein. Whey and casein protein are the two major proteins found in this type of formula. The one to look for, as you should do for any protein in your baby’s diet, is the casein. The reason being is that most formulas for babies will use casein for the protein and milk for the calcium. If you’re looking for an alternative to commercial milk, this natural casein-based formula might be just right for you and your little baby.

product is as gentle as it gets

If you’re worried about the animal welfare issues, worry not. This product is as gentle as it gets. They use no hormones, antibiotics or other drugs and they are as safe for your baby as they can possibly be. If you want to know what an organic baby formula has to offer besides all the health benefits, look no further than this variety. In fact, organic milk is the only dairy product that is permitted in some states as a food for infants.

Less likely to cause illness: Casein and whey are both derived from cows, so they contain the same number of hormones as cow milk. This means that an aluminum formula is going to be just as likely to cause illness as a cow milk formula. While some people believe that aluminum in milk increases the risk of bladder stones, this is simply not true. Aluminum in any form is toxic to young children. While an aluminum-based formula might have fewer issues, it is still toxic. For this reason, an aluminum-free formula is much safer for your child.

No artificial sweeteners

Another common complaint about commercially produced baby formula is the inclusion of a variety of artificial sweeteners. This includes aspartame (nutrasweet) and aspartyl-gluconate (norbit). Both of these have been found to cause cancer in humans. In addition, they are known to disrupt the levels of certain vitamins and minerals in babies, which can lead to their nutritional needs being compromised.

Less likely to cause allergic reactions: Organic infant formula is also going to be free of allergens. This is especially important if you are feeding your infant cow’s milk. You might have to choose between your favorite baby formula and an organic brand, but the difference will be clear. Organic baby formula uses all-natural ingredients, including no corn or wheat products, no additives, or petrochemicals.

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