what is Real Estate Marketing?

Real Estate Marketing Strategy – The Estimote Service

Estiemarketing is a rather new and untapped form of advertising that is taking New Zealand by storm. In Real Estate Marketing Estimarketing is when you market your Real Estate to people that are not in the market for purchasing or renting a home but want to purchase something of value in the place where they live. You then use this “marketing strategy” to try to convince these people that you are the Best Place to buy, or the opportunity to buy, a Real Estate property. You might say this sounds a little like direct mail marketing, but the great thing about it is that it is actually a highly effective way to get your Real Estate Marketing Investment through the roof.


I am sure you have come across Real Estate marketing strategies in the past.

One of the most common ways is through newspaper ads in the form of a classifieds page. These classifieds pages often have a space for Advertisers, a space for a description of the Real Estate property that they are selling, and a space for a Contact Info section. There are some good things about classifieds pages that make them a very effective form of advertising, but there are also many things about them that could use some improvement.


The contact information

is a little bit hidden on the page. Often, if someone is reading the classified, they are blocked from viewing the contact info until they have finished reading the entire ad. This is a big turn-off to many, especially if they are looking to invest in real estate and are looking to see how much a particular Real Estate property is going for. A better way of advertising would be to include a simple phone number at the top or the bottom of the page, with a clear description and link to the Real Estate website.


The newspaper ads and classifieds pages

are nice because they usually only list one listing at a time. You can zoom in on a particular Real Estate property, write down the address, and you can call the house. The problem with this type of advertising is that it can take several days before you find out whether the home was listed and sold. Many times real estate agents who are listing properties for sale by the owner will not list homes unless they have contacted the sellers and confirmed an offer.


The Internet has many advantages over most traditional advertising methods.

First of all, people can browse for a Real Estate property all day every day. There is no one advertising at 9 AM. Secondly, the competition on the Internet is much more fierce than it is in the newspaper or magazines, so there are better offers and better deals to be found online. Finally, because Internet users do not have a specific time to read, many people are more likely to look at a Real Estate advertising link than they are to read a newspaper ad or classifieds page.


Estimote is a great tool for any real estate agent.

It is free for most listings and allows for a quick look-up of available properties, but the real estate business is not all about quick searches. Real Estate agents should be prepared to spend time locating a particular property, speaking with the sellers, watching for any sales, following up, and handling any offers. If a real estate agent makes a good marketing strategy, he or she will find that real estate can be very profitable.

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