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what are the ways to save money on electricity bills and the environment?

Energy Saving Tips For Small Business

Energy Saving Tips for Small Businesses is a book that teaches small business owners ways to save money on electricity bills and the environment. It is a book that can be downloaded free of charge from its website. The book has received rave reviews by both its readers and reviewers. In this review, I will discuss what the book offers its readers in terms of tips for saving money.

This is an important book to read

if you are looking for tips on how to become energy efficient. This is because the world is becoming more energy inefficient. It is a known fact that every year, traditional energy sources like coal, natural gas, and oil are being depleted at a much faster rate. The need for energy-efficient products is also increasing because of this.

Energy Star Compact Fluorescent Lamps

is one of the energy-saving tips for small businesses that the book provides. The energy-efficient lamps run at 60 times the brightness that traditional lamps do. Also, the bulbs last up to ten times longer. The lamp is made up of a fluorescent bulb that emits green light. This type of lamp does not emit any ultraviolet or UV rays.

Another tip that the book provides to its readers

is how to use recycled paper when making t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. to promote energy efficiency. When buying items such as these, you should buy only items that have labels stating that they are manufactured with recycled paper. These items will last longer than those that are not made with recycled paper. Also, since a lot of small businesses are starting to buy items such as these, the amount of recycled paper that you will need to use will decrease.

Other tips found in this book

include keeping your workplace clutter-free and using a good energy star cleaner. The book even suggests ways on how you can do your part in reducing energy consumption. It lists out ways such as reducing the amount of electricity that you use every day, switching to energy-efficient lights, etc. Another tip that the book offers is how to make glass and plastic breakage a thing of the past. It encourages one to not throw away old newspapers and other similar items because they can be used for making energy-efficient window film. The book concludes its energy-saving tips for small businesses by urging its readers to switch to LED lights instead of incandescent lamps and to fix a solar hot water system for their offices.

A lot of people have criticized the methods recommended

in this book as being too drastic. However, this is only because these are principles and suggestions that one can do on their own anyway. By making some changes in one’s lifestyle and by investing a bit more money, one can significantly reduce their energy consumption and even help the environment at the same time. So, if you are a small business owner and you feel that your energy bill is too high and if you feel that you could help out someone who needs an energy management plan for his or her business, then you should consider this book. It is full of practical energy-saving tips for small business owners which will greatly improve the quality of their lives. Best of all, it is very affordable and a perfect addition to any business library.

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