Rosin Press

What Are Different Types of Recliners?

Before purchasing a rosin press, you should know how you will be using it. There are three types of rosin presses, domestic, industrial, and tabletop. A commercial rosin press can generally be used for either commercial and personal purposes.


Domestic Rosin Press

– This type of rosin press will produce the highest quality of the finished product. The main benefit of this kind of press is that it does not need a lot of care. It is very easy to clean up since all the solvents and heat that have been used during the press are already on the outside of the drum when it is removed from the heat source. A domestic rosin press is great for home brewers who wish to create their concentrate by using a press as opposed to buying the ingredients. Using a small number of concentrated ingredients will create a richer, smoother taste in your brew.


Industrial Rosin Press

– This is what most professional craft brewers use to press out the highest quality concentrated rosin. The industrial version of this machine is larger and more powerful than the domestic version. This type of rosin press needs more maintenance than the domestic variety. Since the ingredients to be pressed are heavier than normal, bigger drum holders and bubble Hash attachments are needed. The rosin press will also need more heating accessories and a higher quality flower higher temperature.


Table Top Press

– This kind of rosin press will allow you to press out small amounts of flour and produces a finer consistency in your brew. This machine is called a tabletop due to the small reservoir of water that it uses. This type of press should be ideally used with large flower pots to get the best results. To get the best results, it is recommended that the pot is smaller than the actual flower bud that will be pressed. This method will produce thicker bubbles in your cannabis buds.


Pressure Plates

– This is very similar to the tabletop rosin press but instead of using water to press the buds, they use air pressure plates to do the work for you. There are two types of pressure plates – the ones that utilize gravity and the ones that rely on air pressure. The air-based pressure plates are preferred over gravity-based presses because they do not use any type of heat to loosen up the oils in the flower. Air-based presses also require no clean-up because all the smoke is sent out through the press as a fine mist.


Flower Plates

– This type of rosin press is intended for larger quantities of cannabis and is not recommended for smaller batches. These are much more effective when it comes to cleaning up a lot of press. Flower plates resemble the tabletop presses, but they have a very distinct lack of water absorption. These plates are most effective when being used with the larger sizes of nugsmasher pro machines.

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