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The World War II – Tears of Honor Review

Tears of Honor” is the third book in The Trenches of War series. In The Trenches of War, Frank Furterflies takes us back to World War II, to the months leading up to Pearl Harbor and the attack on Japan. Bringing together the perspectives of many different personalities both real and fictional, from Roosevelt to everyday grunts in battle, tears of honor reveal the true story of the internment. While sometimes predictable, especially considering the volatile climate during the time, the story remains exciting, heartbreaking, and thought-provoking.


As the war continues and America fights

her wars overseas, tensions rise within the country and among her citizens. Anti-American sentiment grows as radio programs from Japan continue to broadcast messages of hate and propaganda to the States. America has become a hunted target. Many patriotic Americans join the army and fight for what they believe in. Others stay home and protect what they think is right. As tension increases among the nation and her citizens over this issue, two American men leave their home to join the battlefront – Pvt. Robert Ford and Pvt. Earnest Hedrick in World War II to answer an important call.


After Pearl Harbor is attacked by Japan

American prisoners of war are separated from their families and placed in internment camps. Two all-American boys, Robert Ford and Earnest Hedrick escape from their internment camp and travel across the country to seek out help from a former prison guard who knows them. Facing different hardships, the two American men find themselves pitted against other prisoners. Ripped apart by disease, they use their knowledge of the outside world to help the other prisoners escape, but must also deal with being alone. Only a few letters from their loved ones keep them together. The true strength and spirit of these two American heroes come to light when they reunite with their former captors only to be betrayed again.


Now the world is on the brink of war again

this time between the United States and Japan. Again American prisoners of war are placed into internment camps. Only three of the original prisoners escape telling of their painful experiences. As the threat of attack looms, these American heroes learn that even they alone can defeat the Japanese military. To do so, these comrades confront the most powerful enemy in the history of the Pacific – General Douglas MacArthur.


Captured once more, the United States Navy

wants nothing more than to take back the Japanese soldiers it has brutally put to sleep. Once they have defeated the enemy, Rear Admiral Akamine visits Pearl Harbor hoping to strike at the U.S. base at Midway. However, Rear Admiral Magellan has other ideas. To confuse the Japanese forces, Magellan sends his two fastest cruisers into Midway Bay loaded with bombs. However, this is just enough for the American sailors to disable the Japanese battle fleet. With the American forces taking out all the Japanese ships except for the Kongo, the Americans launch a surprise attack on the Japanese base at Pearl Harbor.


Only six days later the United States Navy

has all its ships including the Kongo and the USS Dewey destroyed in Midway Bay. The United States forces eventually withdraw from the region. Japan is completely devastated, but world war ii is not over. In fact, it is still brewing as Japan prepares to invade the Philippines and other Asian countries. To ensure that this will never happen again, the United States has opened up internment camps for the Japanese Americans who had been forced into internment camps during world war ii.

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