The Samurai Sword – One of Japan’s Most Popular Swords

Japanese martial artists

The wakizashi sword was introduced in Japan around 1200 CE. This weapon was first used by samurai warriors. Today, they are still commonly used by the Japanese martial artists.

The handle of a wakizashi sword differs from that of a katana, it is much smaller. Originally, the wakizashi sword was only made of wood. The blade was shaped like a flat sword and was only used in close-quarter combat. However, the warrior would always carry the smaller wakizashi sword at hand, even if the larger katana were stored at the castle gate.

As time passed, the size of the blade was increased and the wakizashi began to be used more for non-lethal purposes. Samurai warriors also used these swords as a form of ceremony. After an important battle, the warriors would depart from the battlefield and meet at a designated spot for a meeting. At this meeting, they would cut a stake into the ground and throw their swords through the middle.

the wakizashi as a club or weapon

In addition to its primary function of being used as a concealed weapon, the wakizashi was also used as a tool during battles. Samurai warriors would use the wakizashi as a club or weapon to pound their opponents. Another interesting tale about wakizashi tells about the Second World War. During the war, the soldiers found themselves trapped in the center of the battlefield. There was nowhere for them to run to. A samurai sword, which was left by a fallen enemy was kept by one of the soldiers, who was leading a small group of survivors.

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The survivor took the weapon to a tree to keep it safe while they searched for a good place to fight off the attackers. While making their way, they came across a young samurai boy, who happened to be studying with a master on how to use the katana. The samurai was so impressed with the weapon that he offered to help the boy get into the battle. He brought the katana with him and without any difficulty the young warrior was able to slice down a few Japanese soldiers.

Today, you can still find the beautiful swords at a number of locations. In fact, many Japanese families display several of these beautiful weapons in their homes. They are very proud of their warrior spirit and use these swords for ceremonial purposes as well as for defense. One of the most amazing things about samurai swords is the fact that each sword is actually made from a single piece of steel. This allows the sword maker to make one sword with one piece of steel and make two or three swords with two different pieces of steel. When a samurai warrior chooses to upgrade their sword, they may also choose to change the blade, adding to its strength and durability.

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