Dog Runs Off-Leash

Dog Training Tips – What to Do If Your Dog Runs Off-Leash

Dogs that run away from you can be a real nuisance, so one of the most annoying things for owners of dogs is when they run off-leash. When this happens there are a lot of things that owners can do to stop them from continuing to run away. If it is not something physical that is happening, think about the reasons why your dog runs away in the first place. Maybe he is not feeling well or he could have been injured. A dog park is a great place to find out what your dog needs and even ask a vet if there are things that could be done to make your dog happier and healthier.


The first thing you can do to stop your dog from running away

and getting into mischief is to find out exactly where it is located on west cliff drive or any other road that your dog runs off-leash on. Is it at the end of the road or somewhere near it? This will help you know how far away your dog is from what is located on west cliff drive and will help you determine the best way to approach him when you get there. Some dogs will just run off when they see you coming; others will go as far as ignoring you!


If your dog is constantly running away,

then consider enclosing the entire area with a large fence or wire mesh. This will ensure that your dog cannot jump the fence or jump over the fence. This will also keep him from seeing the open space that you have created. Some dog parks provide an open space that is fenced in, but if there is no open space, then enclose it. Having a fenced-in area where your dog can run off-leash is very important, and can help prevent him from getting into trouble and being confused.


Some dogs have natural predatory instincts,

which means that they will chase anything that they think is moving. If this describes your dog, then you should consider using a long leash that you attach to his collar. By having a long leash, your dog will be able to chase after small creatures and animals that he may mistake for another pet.


Some dog trainers believe that wild animals are attracted to the sound of a fast,

high-pitched whistle. To test this theory, try blowing a whistle in front of squirrels, raccoons, or other wild animals. Most wild animals avoid wild animals, but if you blow the whistle at a squirrel, it will probably run away. If your dog tends to run off-leash when you use a high-pitched whistle, then consider using a shock collar while he is on a short leash. When the dog has gotten used to a shock collar, you can start to use the whistle to train him off-leash.


Although fenced in or contained spaces are great for dogs to play in,

an open water fountain can provide a tempting spot for an untrained dog to stray. It is especially dangerous for small dogs to play near water fountains because many dogs accidentally drown when they go into the fountains for water or play with water balls. If your dog likes to go into the water fountain and goes too far into the fountain, then keep a close eye on him until he calms down. It is also a good idea to put a leash on your dog while he is playing near the water fountain.

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