Divorce Advice – Filing For Divorce and Child Support

A divorce lawyer can help you achieve your goals through the legal system

When a married person wants to end their marriage, they often have many reasons to do so. There are emotional and financial reasons for divorces, as well as a wide variety of other reasons. There are even some countries where a divorce is not considered a legal proceeding. Regardless of the reason, divorces must be handled properly in order for them to be successful.

Grounds For Divorce A divorce must be filed with the county clerk of the county where the marriage originated. If you live in the country, most states will allow you to file for divorce immediately without a waiting period. Others might require that you be domiciled for a year or more before you can go forward with a divorce. Most states recognize a traditional marriage as being one that is irreparably broken, and thus require an immediate divorce or dissolution in order to end the marriage.

Divorce requires that you make copies of all of the financial accounts

Disputed Claims – Divorce requires that you make copies of all of the financial accounts for your marriage, which should be the property of one of the partners. This includes money in any checking or savings accounts, joint accounts (like credit cards or joint mortgage), automobiles, boats, planes, and furniture. It also includes any debts such as credit cards, personal loans, student loans, and unpaid utility bills. These can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Make copies of everything you are required to.

Child Support and Alimony – Divorce can be financially stressful on any household, but when there is no support between the husband and wife anymore it can be even worse. In California, alimony is defined as payments made by one spouse to another to pay for the other’s care and maintenance of a child or children. In a divorce situation, where no children are involved, alimony may be awarded to one party but usually with an agreement covering the financial aspects of the payment. Alimony typically terminates upon remarriage of the recipient spouse. If no settlement can be reached, an award of temporary alimony will be made until a final alimony agreement has been reached.

How Long Do You Have to File

Divorce requires that you file the appropriate forms with your county clerk, unless you are filing with the state. Many people do not file state forms because they find them to be more confusing, or simply because they do not have enough time. There are many people who mistakenly believe that the paperwork for a divorce is simple, but it is not. The forms you need to fill out do not have very complex instructions and many people do not understand the details. It is up to you to keep reading to make sure you fully understand everything you need to.

Child Support and Alimony – Child support is determined by a mathematical formula called the Gross Cost of raising a child. This calculation factors in your income, your expenses, the amount of your salary plus your alimony or spousal support and many other things to come up with the total cost of raising a child. Alimony is determined by the court and the party paying it is obligated to reimburse the other parent for any costs they have been awarded.

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