Dental Marketing Methods to Attract Patients

enhance your dental marketing strategy

Dental Marketing is about painting your dental practice in a positive light and spreading the word to those interested in your services. So, why not add a little “glitz” to your office and advertise online? The bottom line: the more patients you bring in, the greater your profit on investment (ROI) from dental marketing efforts.

To enhance your dental marketing strategy, focus on creating a website that targets your target demographic. Add digital marketing to your arsenal. By using SEO techniques for your website traffic generation, you can send your potential patients right to your dental marketing website. For example, if you run a family dentistry practice, your dental marketing website traffic could include baby boomers looking for care, seniors seeking preventive care, and special education students looking for a job.

attract a broad range of patients

Your website traffic needs to include a diverse age group so that you can attract a broad range of patients. You should also try to include ads geared towards specific demographics within your site. For example, if you want to attract senior patients, post ads around the holidays. Your ads should be targeted toward your primary target market but should still include general information about annual cleanings and dental care in general.

If you want to draw the younger generation in, your dental marketing material should include video, text and graphics. You can easily do this through GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting is a tool that can help you target your audience quickly and easily. When you go to their website, select your target audience and GoToMeeting will provide you with demographics based on zip codes. From there, you can go to their “Find an Account” button where you can upload your digital signage for direct mail campaigns, internet advertising and other direct mail efforts.

marketing materials need to broad

Your marketing materials need not be all about your office’s brand name and products. You should include patient education in all of your campaigns. Patients are looking for proven solutions to their dental problems and your marketing should be geared towards educating them. Consider offering classes at your office or through student training programs. You can also host consumer awareness programs at your dental practice.

GoToMeeting provides a useful tool for conducting patient education and advertising with their platform. With GoToMeeting, you can create digital signage that is relevant to your practice and place it right on the front lawn of your dental practice. Your signage will be visible to potential patients. Dental marketing through GoToMeeting makes a powerful tool for connecting your practice with patients and prospects.

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