Budget Truck Rental – Moving Across the Country? Get Full Coverage Today!

how do you find a quality truck at an affordable price?

Budget Truck Rental can be your best choice when it comes to your short-term or long-term moving needs. It’s no secret that trucks can help save you money. However, if you have never rented a truck before, Budget Truck Rental can be just what you need. If you are planning a long move, it’s especially important that you find the right one for your needs. So how do you find a quality truck at an affordable price?

First, Budget offers in every state on the continental (not just in Hawaii and Alaska) budget: The road to paradise is only a short distance away. Now that you have an understanding of all Budget truck rentals services and rates, let s discuss some of Budget s special qualities that you should be aware of. For local moves, almost every truck rental company will charge a flat rate mileage charge on top of your rental price. If you are moving more than a thousand miles, however, there may be a surcharge; this is something to check out before renting the dolly.

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As an extra precaution, always make sure you know the value of your vehicle before paying for your truck rental. You don’t want to discover you need to get a new car for repairs after the move. Also, always consider getting additional coverage for your personal vehicle. Some truck rental companies only provide basic damage, while others include theft, collision damage and loss of use in their coverage options. Check with your auto insurance company for more information on towing and other damage options. Although, overall, most companies do offer good towing services, you should always ask about the level of damage covered in advance.

Budget moving truck rentals are a great choice if you are relocating short distances. Budget moving truck rentals can even help you if you are moving across the country or overseas. Almost all large American truck rental companies now supply international moving trucks. Most of these companies will provide a nationwide 24 hour helpline for any questions or concerns regarding your move. Most of these companies have very reasonable charges which makes it easy for even a small budget move to be affordable.

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If you are traveling over a longer distance, or have a large cargo to move, you will want to make sure you get extra coverage on your bill. Basic moving truck rental coverage typically doesn’t cover damages incurred to your belongings during travel. Most of these companies only offer a limited amount of coverage, especially if you are moving across state lines. One of the best ways to get additional coverage is by asking about Long Distance Damage Waivers, (LDW). Long Distance Damage Waivers (LDDs) are offered through many of the larger companies for an additional fee.

By getting a copy of your Long Distance Damage Waiver card you will know if your belongings qualify for this coverage. The card will also tell you how much coverage you will need and what kinds of items and property are covered. Some companies may even offer to pay for the cost of damages incurred by transporting your possessions to their facility. Budget moving truck rental companies often have a few different options that can help you make the most of your move.

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