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An Easy Way To Put Contact Lenses On Your Eye

There is an easy way to put contact lenses on your eye. First, you must hold your eye open and tuck your lashes against your brow. Next, hold your left hand up and gently insert the contact lens. Do not blink while inserting the lens. Keep your eye closed for several seconds to let it settle properly. After inserting the lens, look up and left to ensure the contact lens is centered.

Soft Contact Lenses

If you have soft contact lenses, place them on the tip of your index finger and then flip them back into your eye. Remember to insert the lens into your eye the right way. Then, flip them over and repeat the process. Alternatively, you can hold the lower eyelid open with your middle finger. Always wear gloves and wash your hands thoroughly before inserting the contact lens. When you are done, you can gently put your glasses on, but don’t forget to close your eyes before you put the lenses into your eyes.

For soft contact lenses, you should insert and remove them over the sink. To avoid mixing up lenses, pour the correct lens in your hand first. Be sure to wipe off your fingers before touching your eyes, as soft contacts often stick to wet fingers. Once you’ve inserted the lens, hold your upper eyelid open while your middle finger holds your upper eyelid open. After you’ve finished the process, you’ll be ready to wear your glasses or contacts.

Ring-shaped Lens

If you have a ring-shaped lens, you can place it on your index finger and then lift your ear. If you have a large lens, you may want to try inserting it with the tip of your thumb. If you don’t have a ring-shaped contact lens, you can use your middle finger. Using both hands, you can place the contact lens in the same place. You may have to hold your eyelid open to insert it in the right way.

Hold The Contact Lens On Your Index Finger

Putting in your contacts is a simple process. First, you’ll want to bend your head forward so you can easily place them. To make the process easier, hold the contact lens on your index finger with your other hand. When you do, bend your neck slightly so you can see the edges of the lens and make sure you don’t miss any. Then, slide the lens into your eye. After removing your lenses, place your eyelids backwards and let your fingers rest on your thumb.

In Summary

When you’re about to insert your contact lenses, keep in mind that you should start with your left eye. The lens will look identical if it’s inside your right eye. To avoid spilling your lenses, use your right hand to hold the contacts and keep them in place. In most cases, you won’t need to turn your head around to insert your contacts. Then, you can use your other hand to insert the lenses in your other eye.

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