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In 1995, the National Association of Programmers (NAP) was formed. The primary objectives of NAP were to become the voice of the profession, to establish both alternative and complementary certification programs for IT professionals, to provide publishing opportunities as well as association leadership positions for member professionals.

From the beginning, members worldwide have realized member-only discounts from major computer suppliers, travel and hospitality discounts, as well as training discounts. Member volunteers and NAP leadership have striven to make our Association the gold standard of certification, both professional and reference validation for employers and potential employers. While student members enjoy their membership status and look forward to full membership and the NAP job bank which could land them a great job in the future.

NAP is a non-biased, non-platform specific body with established standards for certifications based upon knowledge, education and experience gained. NAP has created a Professional Code of Ethics which all members must adhere to.

NAP is the professional association for anyone in the computer/IT industry who desires to excel in this industry and to provide a positive public awareness of what the professionals in our industry provide.

We invite you to join NAP and join the thousands of other recognized IT professional working to enhance and improve our industry in the 21st century.


The National Association of Programmers´┐Ż is an association dedicated to programmers, developers, consultants and other professionals and students in the computer industry. Our goal is to provide information and resources to help give our members the competitive edge in today's fast-paced, ever-changing computer industry.

NAP is dedicated to providing a unified voice for our profession. NAP is not contracted to or associated with any one company, product, or programming environment. NAP does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, nationality, religion or creed.

NAP is the Gold Standard for computer professionals.

NAP Is...
any hardware...
any OS...
any language...
any DBMS!!!