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NAP Membership Offers Many Benefits...
and we're continually adding more!

Get The RESPECT You Deserve - NAP Certification
NAP Certified members enjoy the honor and prestige of our entire industry. NAP Certification means that your credentials have been reviewed and approved by the NAP Certification Board. NAP Certified professionals may enhance their credentials by utilizing the "NAPC" designation after their name on stationary, business cards, etc.
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Show Your Pride and Professionalism
NAP members are the select group of professionals who create and manage computer programs, using state-of-the-art technology and with the highest degree of professionalism and ethical standards. Let everyone know you are a professional by proudly displaying your Certificate of Membership at your home or office. Member certificates are 8½" x 11" and are suitable for framing. Certified Member certificates are 11" x 14" and are also suitable for framing.
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NAP Membership Dues Tax Deductible*
Professionals working in the computer/IT industry may find that their NAP membership dues are tax deductible.
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NAP Standards Offer You Protection
The NAP Professional Code of Ethics, honored by all NAP members, means our members practice their profession according the highest self-imposed ethical standards. You benefit from the trust and confidence that your clients, employers, and the public experience when they deal with you and other NAP members.
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Publication Opportunities
We want your input! The knowledge our members have gained during their careers can help others in the industry. Share your knowledge with other professionals. We consider all letters/articles for NAP publication.
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     (*Please check with your tax professional to determine the deductability of association membership dues.)